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There’s a lot to love about “SPHERE It Creations” – now sold at The Prospector Shop

Show your love this Valentine’s Day with a beautiful and heartfelt piece of SPHERE Jewelry. The one-of-a-kind items are now displayed (and for sale) at The Prospector Shop which is located at 18 Prospect Street (across from the Prospector Theater). SPHERE jewelry, aka, “SPHERE-It Creations”, is handcrafted by SPHERE members, many of whom meet on Tuesday evenings…


The Bounty of Beauty in SPHERE

Every time I have the honor of attending an event with SPHERE members I leave awestruck. Perhaps it’s because of the love that is so evident and unconditionally shared between members, or the energy and enthusiasm of the volunteers. Every person present has truly found their happy place. “I love these guys and there is…

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