SPHERE in the Community

SPHERE’s community activities engage members directly with the community, allowing them to develop social skills, providing them with relief from isolation, helping to overcome discrimination in the community and contributing to the health and emotional well-being of the program participants. Here are a few examples of member involvement in the community:



Ridgefield Symphony Orchestra (RSO)

SPHERE and the Ridgefield Symphony Orchestra have a very special partnership. SPHERE members have performed on several occasions with the RSO, bringing joy and pride to all involved. The RSO received a prestigious Getty Education and Community Investment Grant, which has furthered our special partnership by supporting visits by orchestra member, SPHERE member attendance at concerts and a joint special performance. The recent SPHERE-tacular show is an example of this special collaboration. Watch video>

Ridgefield Chorale

The Ridgefield Chorale is a popular musical singing group with over 70 members known for its vocal excellence and unique repertoire. The Chorale has been a special partner to SPHERE and our members have performed with them on several musical collaborations, including the Concert of Healing and Unity after the Orlando tragedy. Watch video>

Memorial Day Parade

SPHERE’s participation at Ridgefield’s annual Memorial Day Parade is a highlight of the year for members, volunteers and the community alike. Members show their community spirit on the vintage truck that parades down Main Street to welcoming cheers from the spectators that line the parade route.

Holiday Stroll

During this past Holiday Stroll, SPHERE members regaled the Ridgefield community, dressed as snowmen (and snow-women) and spread holiday cheer with Christmas caroling and an outdoor screening of “It’s a Wonderful Life”.


ROAR Dog Walk

SPHERE members show off their singing, and their community involvement, at the annual ROAR Dog Walk, a benefit for the animal shelter in Ridgefield.