We welcome you to become a part of the SPHERE family!


SPHERE members come from throughout Fairfield County, and have developmental disabilities ranging from Down syndrome to autism to PKU. SPHERE provides a positive environment where our members thrive.

We welcome you to become a SPHERE member.

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“A social outlet to be with others there isn’t any other place to go – there really isn’t – DDS cut programs my daughter was attending due to funding.” – Mary Lee (SPHERE parent)

“I like SPHERE because I get to meet new people and see my old friends. And I always have Fun.” – Maya (SPHERE member)

“I think it’s a very fun environment to be around – you meet new people.” – Hannah (SPHERE volunteer )

“I think it’s a group of loving people and I’m so glad Carol is apart of it.” – Darlene (SPHERE parent)

“A chance to be creative, involved and gives Kristin an outlet to help other people.” – John G. (SPHERE parent)


SPHERE is special to me because –

“Every Tuesday I spend my night with very sweet people and they help decorate beautiful bags for Meals on Wheels. I also enjoy all of the laughter and fun with my friends.” – Fran M. (SPHERE volunteer)

“I am so grateful to participate in such a great program. I also love being with all of my friends. Wendy is my soul sister; I love her.” – Marianne N.

“I like meeting people, making friends, and decorating bags for Meals on Wheels.” – Patty H.

“I like SPHERE because of all of the friends I made and I found a new hobby—making jewelry.” – Jen B.

“I am making friends, making lots of jewelry, and decorating bags with lots of happiness.” – Susan C.

“I like all of the laughter and fun that we have. Wendy and the volunteers are terrific!” – Ron G.

“They helped me after my mom passed, and I have made a lot of new friends.” – Anonymous member

“I have made new friends and I’m learning how to make jewelry.” – Kristin

“This is the first year that SPHERE has been involved with a local dance studio, something that I love to do.” – Maya B.

“I enjoy all of the SPHERE activities. I like making new friends.” – Jennifer M.

“Because of all of the non-judgmental friends that I have made.” – Betsy P. (SPHERE volunteer)