SPHERE’s mission is to enrich and enhance the lives of adults with disabilities through education, recreation and the arts while fostering and nurturing relationships between our members and our communities.

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        SPHERE was founded in 1987 to serve Ridgefield-area adults with disabilities in housing, education, recreation and employment. In 1989, SPHERE was certified by the Internal Revenue Service as a tax exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Since its founding, SPHERE has continued to serve adults with disabilities with a focus on the Arts, Community Involvement and Recreation. Here are some notable highlights:

      • 2009: SPHERE’S GOT TALENT was a sold-out success
      • 2010: SPHERICAL The Musical at the Ridgefield Playhouse
      • 2011: SPHERE’s first film released, the award-winning ShakeSPHERE: A Retelling of Romeo and Juliet
      • 2012: SPHERE releases another hit film, Sparkle Island
      • 2013: SPHERE debuts The Bride of Frankenstein
      • 2015 SPHERE-tacular Live Show introduced at The Ridgefield Playhouse – a collaborative effort between SPHERE and other arts organizations.


              Applicants for SPHERE membership come from Ridgefield and surrounding CT and NY areas. Our members have a broad range of intellectual disabilities and are able to complement SPHERE’s mission and goals while participating in our programs.

                SPHERE is an organization where the unique talents and abilities of our members benefit and contribute to the success of the organization and the fulfillment of the mission.
                You must be 21 years of age or older to become a member.


            Volunteers come from diverse fields and are deeply committed and accountable to the mission of SPHERE and its’ members. They bring with them their multiple talents, professional skills, time and all bring their passion for helping others. There are various volunteer opportunities, both hands-on and back-office, which help to fulfill our mission.


          • to present ourselves to the community and the world as smart, talented and charming members of society;
          • to educate the community that SPHERE members are employable, approachable and genuine contributors to our lives;
          • to provide recreational, educational and cultural programs to improve the quality of life for our SPHERE members and our community;


We operate our programs in a manner that is adapted to our participant’s unique and individual needs and which engages them directly with the community, allowing them to develop social skills, providing them with relief from isolation and connecting them with friends.

          • Social skills, networks and friendships.
          • Education (socialization, life skills), Recreation (social and community events, health and wellness),
          • fun, laughter and love….